Basic Civil Engineering, 6/e 8th. edition by Shibu Nalpat

Based on first year B.Tech syllabus of M.G.University, Kottayam and Cochin University of Science & Technology.
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  • Based on Mahatma Gandhi,Calicut University & CUSAT syllabus
  • Introduction to civil engineering - History of civil engineering -Disciplines in civil engineering


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Introduction to civil engineering - History of civil engineering -Disciplines in civil engineering

Introduction- Ordinary Portland cement-ingredients -manufacture-Properties-uses-grades of cement-Types of cement-Tests of cement.

Introduction-Hot rolled steel-Cold rolled steel-Structural steel sections-Built up sections-Light gauge sections- properties-uses-Types of reinforcing bars

Introduction-Qualities of ideal aggregates-Classification of aggregates - Sources of aggregates - Grading of aggregates – Building stones - Laterite

Introduction - Grades of mortar - Preparation of mortar -Uses of mortar- properties of mortar-tests on mortar.

Introduction – Ingredients -Advantages of concrete -Disadvantages of concrete - Grades of Concrete - Processes in concreting – batching, mixing, placing, compacting and curing -Water cement ratio Workability - Tests for determining workability - Types of concrete - Formwork

Introduction - Varieties of timber found in Kerala - Defects in timber Decay of timber -Seasoning of timber - Preservation of timber - Specifications for use of timber

Introduction - Size of the bricks - Manufacture of bricks - Classification of bricks - Tests on bricks – strength of bricks - Qualities of good bricks - Uses of bricks - Special types of bricks

Components of a building
Introduction - Components of a building – plan, section and elevation of a single room building.

Introduction - Purposes of foundations - Bearing capacity of soil - Determination of bearing capacity –Plate load test- S.P.T- Types of foundation – shallow foundations – isolated, combined footings – raft, grillage foundations-Deep foundations – pile foundations- well foundations - Settlement of foundations-Machine foundations - Failures of foundation

Introduction - Walls - Bonds in brick work - Types of bonds – comparison of bonds - Stone masonry – Arches and lintels

Introduction - Requirements of an ideal roof - Types of roofs – Terms - Steel roof trusses – details of roofs -Roof coverings –Roof tiles- Reinforced concrete roofs.

Introduction - Classification of surveying - Principle of surveying -Chain surveying - Principles of chain surveying – Instruments used – operations in chain surveying - Field book - Calculation of area of plot - Compass surveying - instruments used –adjustments on compass-designation of bearings-fore bearing & back bearing- local attraction- calculation of bearings-Levelling – purposes- principles- instruments used- adjustments on Dumpy level- terms- reduction of levels- Height of Instrument method – Theodolite surveying- Total Station- Remote sensing-GPS and GIS.

Site planning & Kerala Building Rules
Introduction - Selection of site- Site plan preparation - Planning regulations and bye laws - Kerala Building Rules, 1999

Sanitary Engineering
Introduction - Definitions - Septic tank – working principle and construction - Soak pit - Dispersion trenches

Transportation Engineering
Introduction - Types of transport - Components of the road - Classifications of roads - Cross section of road - Super elevation – camber- Sight distance - Traffic signs - Traffic signals - Road markings - Traffic islands - Traffic management. Road accidents – Causes and Prevention.

Introduction- Classification of bridges-components of bridges-Terminology- Culverts

Introduction- Classification of dams-components of gravity dam- Dam Terminology- factors governing selection of site for dam.

Intelligent and Green Buildings
Introduction-Intelligent buildings-Intelligent building model-Concept of green building-LEED green building rating system.

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